Invited Talks

Catherine Mohr
Intutive Surgical

Biography: Dr. Catherine Mohr is the Director of Medical Research at Intuitive Surgical, where she evaluates new technologies for incorporation into the next generation of surgical robots. In addition, she is a Consulting Assistant Professor in the department of Surgery at Stanford School of Medicine where she works in the development of simulation based curriculum for teaching clinical skills.
Dr. Mohr received her BS and MS in mechanical engineering from MIT, and her MD from Stanford University School of Medicine. She has been involved with numerous startup companies in the areas of alternative energy transportation, computer aided design software, and medical devices.

Robots in the OR

Robotics is often thought of primarily as development of manipulator technology. In the operating room, however, surgical robots provide improvement in clinical outcomes that comes from improved vision and navigation as well as dexterity enhancement. It may be that on future surgical platforms, augmenting the surgeon's clinical decision making becomes the largest contributor to improved outcomes. The various ways in which robotics may change the way we do surgery will be discussed.