Invited talks

Moshe Shoham
Technion Israel Institute of Technology


Medical Robots - Present and Future


The volume and diversity of research subjects in the field of medical robots have been growing at a steady pace, and commercial interest has been increasing as well. Robot-assisted surgery is however, still in its infancy as only a small number of surgical procedures have been carried out in which a robot has played a major role.

The successful, albeit limited, use of robots to date has heightened demand for the effective incorporation of robots into a wide array of medical procedures. Medical robots have the potential to substantially increase the precision of existing surgical procedures. Moreover, it can open the door for whole new series of minimally- invasive procedures as well new surgical procedures which are beyond the human hand capabilities.

In this lecture the state-of-the-art in the area of medical robotics will be presented, in particular in orthopaedic and neurosurgical operations along with research effort carried out in miniature robots that can enter the human body for diagnostic and theraputic purposes.


Professor Moshe Shoham has been conducting research in robotics for the past 30 years, with a special focus on kinematics and dynamics of robots, new robot structures and on robots for medical applications. Professor Shoham graduated the TechnionIsrael Institute of Technology in 1986, served until 1990 as an Assistant Professor at Columbia University, NY and since then he is with the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, where he is an endowed-chair professor and head of the Robotics Laboratory. Professor Shoham is the founder of Mazor Robotics and Microbot Medical, companies that are based on technologies developed in his laboratory. Mazor Robotics, a NASDAQ listed company, manufactures a miniature surgical robot for spine and brain surgeries that has performed thousands of surgeries worldwide. Microbot Medical develops further smaller robots that are able to enter the human body for diagnostics and therapeutic tasks. Shoham, Foreign Member of US National Academy of Engineering and ASME and IEEE Fellow, is the author of more than 170 technical papers, 3 books and holds 25 patents. Shoham won numerous prizes and awards including the ASME Thomas A. Edison Patent Award in 2013.