Robotics: Science and Systems III

Dense Mapping for Range Sensors: Efficient Algorithms and Sparse Representations

Manuel Yguel, Christopher Tay Meng Keat, Christophe Braillon, Christian Laugier, and Olivier Aycard

Abstract: This paper focuses on efficient occupancy grid building based on wavelet occupancy grids, a new sparse grid representation and on a new update algorithm for range sensors. The update algorithm takes advantage of the natural multiscale properties of the wavelet expansion to update only parts of the environement that are modified by the sensor measurements and at the proper scale. The sparse wavelet representation coupled with an efficient algorithm presented in this paper provides efficient and fast updating of occupancy grids. It leads to real-time results especially in 2D grids and for the first time in 3D grids. Experiments and results are discussed for both real and simulated data.



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