Robotics: Science and Systems VI

Table of Contents

Biophysically inspired development of a sand-swimming robot
R. Maladen, Y. Ding, P. Umbanhowar, A. Kamor and D. Goldman
Passive torque regulation in an underactuated flapping wing robotic insect
P. Sreetharan and R. Wood
Color-Accurate Underwater Imaging using Perceptual Adaptive Illumination
I. Vasilescu, C. Detweiler and D. Rus
Probabilistic Lane Estimation using Basis Curves
A. Huang and S. Teller
Reinforcement Learning to adjust Robot Movements to New Situations
J. Kober, E. Oztop and J. Peters
Analysis and Control of a Dissipative Spring-Mass Hopper with Torque Actuation
M. M. Ankarali and U. Saranli
On motion and force controllability of grasping hands with postural synergies
D. Pratichizzo, M. Malvezzi and A. Bicchi
Back-drivable and Inherently Safe Mechanism for Artificial Finger
K. Koganezawa
Segmentation and Unsupervised Part-based Discovery of Repetitive Objects
R. Triebel, J. Shin and R. Siegwart
Scale Drift-Aware Large Scale Monocular SLAM
H. Strasdat, J. M. M. Montiel and A. Davison
Preliminary Results in Decentralized Estimation for Single-Beacon Acoustic Underwater Navigation
S. Webster, L. Whitcomb and R. Eustice
A Non-invasive Real-Time Method for Measuring Variable Stiffness
G. Grioli and A. Bicchi
Consistent data association in multi-robot systems with limited communications
R. Aragues, E. Montijano and C. Sagues
Singularity-invariant leg rearrangements in doubly-planar Stewart-Gough platforms
J. B. Sol, F. Thomas and C. Torras
On the kinematic design of exoskeletons and their fixations with a human member
N. Jarrasse and G. Morel
Assessing Optimal Assignment under Uncertainty: An Interval-based Algorithm
L. Liu and D. Shell
LQG-MP: Optimized Path Planning for Robots with Motion Uncertainty and Imperfect State Information
J. V. D. Berg, P. Abbeel and K. Goldberg
The Smooth Curvature Flexure Model: An Accurate, Low-Dimensional Approach for Robot Analysis
L. Odhner and A. Dollar
Multi-Priority Cartesian Impedance Control
R. Platt, M. Abdallah and C. Wampler
Variable Impedance Control - A Reinforcement Learning Approach
J. Buchli, E. Theodorou, F. Stulp and S. Schaal
A Fast Traversal Heuristic and Optimal Algorithm for Effective Environmental Coverage
L. Xu and T. Stentz
Stochastic Complementarity for Local Control of Discontinuous Dynamics
Y. Tassa and E. Todorov
Distributed Optimization with Pairwise Constraints and its Application to Multi-robot Path Planning
S. Bhattacharya, V. Kumar and M. Likachev
PLISS: Detecting and Labeling Places Using Online Change-Point Detection
A. Ranganathan
A Constant-Time Algorithm for Vector Field SLAM using an Exactly Sparse Extended Information Filter
J.-S. Gutmann, E. Eade, P. Fong and M. Munich
Efficient probabilistic planar robot motion estimation given pairs of images
O. Booij, Z. Zivkovic and B. Kröse
Efficient Non-Parametric Surface Representations Using Active Sampling for Push Broom Laser Data
M. Smith, I. Posner and P. Newman
Sensor Placement for Improved Robotic Navigation
M. Vitus and C. Tomlin
Task-Driven Tactile Exploration
K. Hsiao, L. Kaelbling and T. Lozano-Perez
On the Role of Hand Synergies in the Optimal Choice of Grasping Forces
M. Gabiccini and A. Bicchi
Dynamic Constraint-based Optimal Shape Trajectory Planner for Shape-Accelerated Underactuated Balancing Systems
U. Nagarajan
Design and Optimization Strategies for Muscle-Like Direct Drive Linear Permanent Magnet Motors
B. Ruddy and I. Hunter
Study of group food retrieval by ants as a model for multi-robot collective transport strategies
S. Berman, Q. Lindsey, M. Sakar, V. Kumar and S. Pratt
Incremental Sampling-based Algorithms for Optimal Motion Planning
S. Karaman and E. Frazzoli
Stochastic Modeling of the Expected Time to Search for an Intermittent Signal Source Under a Limited Sensing Range
D. Song, C. Y. Kim and J. Yi
Closing the Learning-Planning Loop with Predictive State Representations
B. Boots, S. Siddiqi and G. Gordon
Belief space planning assuming maximum likelihood observations
R. Platt, R. Tedrake, L. Kaelbling and T. Lozano-Perez
Motion planning under bounded uncertainty using ensemble control
A. Becker and T. Bretl
Remotely Powered Propulsion of Helical Nanobelts
G. Hwang, S. Haliyo and S. Régnier
A Molecular Algorithm for Path Self-Assembly in 3 Dimensions
R. Schulman and B. Yurke