Robotics: Science and Systems V

Table of Contents

Cooperative manipulation and transportation with aerial robots
N. Michael, J. Fink and V. Kumar
Learning of 2D grasping strategies from box-based 3D object approximations
S. Geidenstam, K. Huebner, D. Banksell and D. Kragic
LQR-trees: Feedback motion planning on sparse randomized trees
R. Tedrake
Human motion database with a binary tree and node transition graphs
K. Yamane, Y. Yamaguchi and Y. Nakamura
Explicit parametrizations of the configuration spaces of anthropomorphic multi-linkage systems
L. Han and L. Rudolph
Approximating displacement with the body velocity integral
R. L. Hatton and H. Choset
Tactile texture recognition with a 3-axial force MEMS integrated artificial finger
F. de Boissieu, C. Godin, B. Guilhamat, D. David, C. Serviere and D. Baudois
On the complexity of the set of three-finger caging grasps of convex polygons
M. Vahedi and A. Frank van der Stappen
On the consistency of multi-robot cooperative localization
G. P. Huang, N. Trawny, A. I. Mourikis and S. I. Roumeliotis
Inner sphere trees for proximity and penetration queries
R. Weller and G. Zachmann
Using the distribution theory to simultaneously calibrate the sensors of a mobile robot
A. Martinelli
Planning motion in environments with similar obstacles
J.-M. Lien and Y. Lu
Robust visual homing with landmark angles
J. Lim and N. Barnes
Rut detection and following for autonomous ground vehicles
C. Ordonez, O. Y. Chuy Jr. and E. G. Collins Jr.
Unsupervised discovery of object classes from range data using latent Dirichlet allocation
F. Endres, C. Plagemann, C. Stachniss and W. Burgard
Towards cyclic fabrication systems for modular robotics and rapid manufacturing
M. Moses, H. Yamaguchi and G. S. Chirikjian
Setpoint regulation for stochastically interacting robots
N. Napp, S. Burden and E. Klavins
Centralized path planning for multiple robots: Optimal decoupling into sequential plans
J. van den Berg, J. Snoeyink, M. Lin and D. Manocha
Accurate rough terrain estimation with space-carving kernels
R. Hadsell, J. A. Bagnell, D. Huber and M. Hebert
View-based maps
K. Konolige, J. Bowman, J. D. Chen, P. Mihelich, M. Calonder, V. Lepetit and P. Fua
A. Segal, D. Haehnel and S. Thrun
3D laser scan classification using web data and domain adaptation
K. Lai and D. Fox
Adaptive relative bundle adjustment
G. Sibley, C. Mei, I. Reid and P. Newman
Underwater human-robot interaction via biological motion identification
J. Sattar and G. Dudek
Robustness of the Unscented Kalman filter for state and parameter estimation in an elastic transmission
E. Naerum, H. Hawkeye King and B. Hannaford
POMDPs for robotic tasks with mixed observability
S. C. W. Ong, S. W. Png, D. Hsu and W. S. Lee
Policy search via the signed derivative
J. Z. Kolter and A. Y. Ng
Non-parametric learning to aid path planning over slopes
S. Karumanchi, T. Allen, T. Bailey and S. Scheding
Learning GP-BayesFilters via Gaussian process latent variable models
J. Ko and D. Fox
3D relative pose estimation from six distances
N. Trawny, X. S. Zhou and S. I. Roumeliotis
An Ab-initio tree-based exploration to enhance sampling of low-energy protein conformations
A. Shehu
Cellular muscle actuators with variable resonant frequencies
T. W. Secord and H. H. Asada
Positioning unmanned aerial vehicles as communication relays for surveillance tasks
O. Burdakov, P. Doherty, K. Holmberg, J. Kvarnstrom and P.-M. Olsson
Efficient, guaranteed search with multi-agent teams
G. Hollinger, S. Singh and A. Kehagias
Time-extended multi-robot coordination for domains with intra-path constraints
E. G. Jones, M. B. Dias and A. Stentz
Bridging the gap between passivity and transparency
M. Franken, S. Stramigioli, R. Reilink, C. Secchi and A. Macchelli
Feedback control for steering needles through 3D deformable tissue using helical paths
K. Hauser, R. Alterovitz, N. Chentanez, A. Okamura and K. Goldberg
Large scale graph-based SLAM using aerial images as prior information
R. Kummerle, B. Steder, C. Dornhege, A. Kleiner, G. Grisetti and W. Burgard
Highly scalable appearance-only SLAM - FAB-MAP 2.0
M. Cummins and P. Newman