Robotics: Science and Systems III

Planning and Control of Meso-scale Manipulation Tasks with Uncertainties

Peng Cheng, David Cappelleri, Bogdan Gavrea, and Vijay Kumar

Abstract: We consider the canonical problem of assembling a peg into a hole using probes at the end of a micro manipulator using open-loop pushing operations with feedback between the pushing operations from an optical microscope. We develop a quasi-static model for the assembly task incorporating models of frictional contacts and consider three sources of uncertainty. Because of errors in sensing position and orientation of the parts to be assembled, we must consider uncertainty in initial configuration of the system. Second, there is uncertainty because of errors in actuation. Third, there are geometric and physical parameters characterizing the environment that is unknown. We discuss the synthesis of robust planning primitives for meso-scale manipulation using two different probes and the automated generation of plans for manipulation. We show simulation and experimental results in support of our work.



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