Robotics: Science and Systems VI

Back-drivable and Inherently Safe Mechanism for Artificial Finger

K. Koganezawa


This paper shows mechanisms for artificial finger based on a planetary gear system (PGS). Using the PGS as a transmitter provides an under-actuated system for driving three joints of a finger with back-drivability that is a crucial trait for fingers as an end-effector when it interacts with external environment. This paper also shows the artificial finger employed with the originally developed mechanism called “double planetary gear system” (DPGS). The DPGS provides not only back-drivable and under-actuated flexion-extension of the three joints of a finger, which is identical to the former, but also adduction-abduction of the MP joint. Both of the above finger mechanisms are inherently safe due to being back-drivable with no electric device or sensor in the finger part. They are also rigorously solvable on kinematics and kinetics as shown in this Paper.



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