Robotics: Science and Systems X

Learning to Recognize Human Activities from Soft Labeled Data

Ninghang Hu, Zhongyu Lou, Gwenn Englebienne, Ben Kröse


An activity recognition system is a very important component for assistant robots, but training such a system usually requires a large and correctly labeled dataset. Most of the previous works only allow training data to have a single activity label per segment, which is overly restrictive because the labels are not always certain. It is, therefore, desirable to allow multiple labels for ambiguous segments. In this paper, we introduce the method of "soft labeling", which allows annotators to assign multiple, weighted, labels to data segments. This is useful in many situations, e.g. when the labels are uncertain, when part of the labels are missing, or when multiple annotators assign inconsistent labels. We treat the activity recognition task as a sequential labeling problem. Latent variables are embedded to exploit sub-level semantics for better estimation. We propose a novel method for learning model parameters from soft-labeled data in a max-margin framework. The model is evaluated on a challenging dataset (CAD-120), which is captured by a RGB-D sensor mounted on the robot. To simulate the uncertainty in data annotation, we randomly change the labels for transition segments. The results show significant improvement over the state-of-the-art approach.



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