Robotics: Science and Systems X

Planning Single-arm Manipulations with n-Arm Robots

Benjamin Cohen, Mike Phillips, Maxim Likhachev


Many robotic systems are comprised of two or more arms. Such systems range from dual-arm household manipulators to factory floors populated with a multitude of industrial robotic arms. While the use of multiple arms increases the productivity of the system and extends dramatically its workspace, it also introduces a number of challenges. One such challenge is planning the motion of the arm(s) required to relocate an object from one location to another. This problem is challenging because it requires reasoning over which arms and in which order should manipulate the object, finding a sequence of valid handoff locations between the consecutive arms and finally choosing the grasps that allow for successful handoffs. In this paper, we show how to exploit the characteristics of this problem in order to construct a planner that can solve it effectively without sacrificing guarantees on completeness. We analyze our approach experimentally on a number of simulated examples ranging from a 2-arm system operating at a table to a 3-arm system working at a bar and to a 4-arm system in a factory setting.



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